2023 Second District Dental Society Dental Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Feb 2, 2023
If you are new dentist who meets the eligibility requirements listed below, now is your opportunity to apply for the SDDS Dental Student Loan Forgiveness Program. You could be one of several new dentists selected to receive an award up to $10,000 to help decrease your student loan debt.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold current combined Active membership with the Second District Dental Society of New York, the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Associate members are not eligible.
  • Have completed a program of study at a CODA accredited dental school or CODA accredited graduate program with one of the following dental degrees:
    • DDS
    • DMD
  • Are licensed in New York state and have completed a 1-year residency training program at a CODA approved institution within the last five years. CURRENT PGY-1 RESIDENTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.
  • Current PGY-2 or greater are eligible to apply if they are holding their own license to practice dentistry in NY and are Active Members of the ADA, NYSDA and Second District. (Contact Second District at (718) 522-3939 to confirm eligibility.)
  • Have a minimum of $50,000 in outstanding dental school loans.
    • Loans must be from a credible higher education loan company and cannot be combined with, or have been converted to, a private / personal loan or any form of education loan.
    • Outstanding undergraduate college loans are not to be included as part of outstanding dental school loans.
  • Have a maximum of five years of verifiable full-time employment as a licensed dentist.
    • The five years does not include time spent during the PGY-1 year.
    • The vast majority of your employment must be in either Brooklyn, NY or Staten Island, NY and must be documented.
No more than three (3) grants will be awarded to any one individual.  

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