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Selected Nominees for 2022 Elective Positions

On June 21, 2021, the Nominating Committee met to select nominees for the 2022 elective positions. Elections will take place at the November Membership Meeting on November 11, 2021. Click for the full report of selected nominees.

Report of the Nominating Committee – 2021

The following slate of nominees for 2022 elective positions, designated by the Nominating Committee, will be reported to the membership at the October 7, 2021 General Membership Meeting.  Elections will take place at the General Membership Meeting on November 11, 2021.




Raymond Flagiello

Vice President


Tricia Quartey-Sagaille



Paul Teplitsky



Valerie Venterina

Librarian Curator


Phyllis Merlino

Board of Trustees
– 2 Years

1. William Bongiorno


5. Sari Rosenwein

2. Saad Butt


6. Kirstin Wolfe

3. Marc Meiselman


7. Paul Albicocco

4. Gisele Richard


8. Cherry Libramonte


Delegates to A.D.A. – 1 Year

1.Mitchell Mindlin

2. Paul Albicocco

3. Alyson Buchalter (p)


ALTERNATE DELEGATES TO A.D.A. – 1 Year (in order of preference)

1. Michael Donato

2. John Demas

3. Tricia Quartey-Sagaille

4. Paul Teplitsky


Delegates to NYSDA – 1 Year (in order of preference)

1. President - Michael Donato


6. John Demas

2. President Elect – Raymond Flagiello


7. Alyson Buchalter

3. Vice President - Tricia Quartey-Sagaille


8. Paul Albicocco

4. Secretary – Paul Teplitsky


9. Kirsten Wolfe
5. RCDS President - Sandra Scibetta



10. Babak Bina (p)


1. Treasurer, Valerie Venterina



6. John DiMaggio

2. Librarian Curator, Phyllis Merlino


7. Cherry Libramonte

3. President Elect RCDS, Joseph Merola


8. Gisele Richard

4. Marc Meiselman


9. Mitchell Zientz

5. Charles Mistretta


10. Joseph Cipriano


NYSDA Board of Trustee (four years to expire June 2026) - John Demas

Council on Dental Practice (four years to expire June 2026) - Tricia Quartey-Sagaille

Council on Ethics (four years to expire June 2026) - Paul Teplitsky

Chemical Dependency Committee (four years to expire June 2026) - Philip Buccigrossi Jr

Members of the 2021 Nominating Committee

Babak Bina - Chair, Michael Donato - Recording Secretary

Paul Albicocco, Alyson Buchalter, Sari Rosenwein, Gabriel Ariola, Mitchell Mindlin, Craig Ratner, Valerie Venterina, Joann DeLeonibus (a), Steven Gounardes, Tricia Quartey-Sagaille

(a) denotes absent