Donated Dental Services (DDS)

DentalLifelineNtwkLogoOne factor that distinguishes a profession is its demonstration of social responsibility. The Second District Dental Society endorses Donated Dental Services (DDS) - a program that helps our most vulnerable neighbors: disabled, elderly or medically compromised individuals. These people cannot afford treatment and cannot obtain public aid. This program was designed by dentists and for dentists. It is operated by the Dental Lifeline Network through a DDS coordinator right here in the metropolitan area.

DDS makes volunteering easy:

  • DDS patients are screened for eligibility. Through the intake process, the DDS coordinator screens all potential patients for eligibility. The patients must be elderly, disabled or medically compromised without the financial resources to pay for treatment.

  • You decide whom you will treat. You’ll be contacted by the coordinator who will then send you information about the patient in the form of a patient profile. You decide if you would like to see and subsequently treat the patient. You do not have to leave your office.

  • You work in the convenience of your own office. The DDS coordinator deals with transportation and other issues to make sure patients get to your office.

  • You determine the treatment.

  • No paperwork or administrative responsibilities. Just complete a simple postcard after your work is done.

  • Reliable and appreciative patients. Applicants are grateful for your help and know that they must be on time for all appointments. Failure to be prompt can result in dismissal from the program

If you would like to offer your services, visit the Dental Lifeline Network website and submit the DDS online volunteer form. Let us show that the Second District Cares.

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