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May 28, 2010

FTC Extends Enforcement Deadline for Identity Theft Red Flags Rule to January 1, 2011

The agency announced that it will delay enforcement of the rule until January 1, 2011 to give Congress time to pass legislation that would permanently exclude certain small businesses, including dental practices, from the rule.


The official FTC announcement can be viewed here.



November 2009

Red Flags Rule Has Been Delayed to June 1, 2010

Due to pressure from the ADA and the tens of thousands of dentists who contacted their representatives in Congress, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would further delay enforcement of the Red Flags Rule until June 1, 2010.


Legislation to eliminate the threat of this new regulatory burden from most dental practices is underway. H.R. 3763, the bill that would exempt certain small businesses, like dental offices with 20 or fewer employees, from the Red Flag Rules has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. A Senate companion bill is scheduled to be brought to the floor under "unanimous consent" and will likely pass unopposed. 


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Red Flag Rules for Dental Offices

The Federal Trades Commission has promulgated new regulations to protect individuals from identity theft. These regulations will require businesses, including dental offices, to institute office policies and procedures on proper response to potential cases of identity theft that may occur in a dental office setting. The ADA has put together a very valuable guide that outlines what you should do in your practice. These guidelines and sample policy and procedures outline can save dental practices many hours, as well as legal fees that would probably otherwise be necessary to meet the requirements. Undoubtedly, many vendors will contact you to sell a compliance program. It may not be needed. The ADA prepared material is exclusively available to members of the ADA Tripartite for downloading from the members-only section of and . Second District urges you to take advantage of this valuable member benefit.